Nokia Lumia 25th

Lumia 928 to be released on April 25th?!

Update on April 26th: April 25th has passed and no announcement for the Lumia 928 has been made, we are beginning to wonder if the Lumia 928 is ever going to be announced….

We have received a new tip from the same source which gave us a previous tip, which by the looks of it proved correct. According to the source the Lumia 928 is going to be announced on April 25th.

Nokia Lumia 25th

The phone will become available one or twee weeks after the initial announcement. This would mean that the Lumia 928 will be available May 2th or May 9th.

When we have a look at the announcement date of previous phones, April 25th does seem logical since it falls on a Thursday and Verizon is know to release its new phones on Thursday:

Thropy: announced on 5/19/2011 (Thursday) and released two weeks later 5/26/2011
Lumia 822: 11/15/2012 (Thursday)
Z10: announced on 3/14/2013 (Thursday) and released on 3/28/2013 (Thursday)
LG Lucid 2: April 4th (Thursday)
Verizon is expected to launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 on May 30th, it would not be smart to launch the Lumia 928 right after that date since Samsung’s marketing machine is almost unstoppable.

Launching the Lumia 928 at the beginning of May would give it almost a month as a flagship device:

March: Flagship = Blackberry Z10 / LG Lucid 2
April: Flagship = Nokia Lumia 928 (??)
May: Flagship = Samsung Galaxy S4
Another reason May 2th is an interesting date, is that on that date according to various sources the exclusivity deal with AT&T for the Lumia 920 ends.

As always, take this information with a grain of salt, we have no way to know for sure if this could be true or not as long as Nokia or Verizon keep their mouths shut. One thing is sure though, a release of the Lumia 928 is getting closer and closer….

The Lumia 928

According to the latest information we have the Lumia 928 is a Windows 8 phone which is heavily based on the Lumia 920. Compared to the Lumia 928 there are quit some improvements:

New design: A new and slimmer body will be warpped around the Lumia 928 insides, rumors talk about a aluminum body, but this remains unsure.
The camera will now be supported by a xenon flash, compared to a LED flash on the Lumia 920
The position of the speaker and microphone has changed.
The 4.5 inch display will be provided by Samsung and will be an Super AMOLED display. AMOLED displays use less energy, have better black colors and more vibrant colors compared to the IPS screen the Lumia 920 uses.
Until this very moment, both Nokia and Verizon have kept their mouths shut about the Lumia 928. However, with all the leaks in the last few weeks we already predicted that a release would be nearby.

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