Lumia 928

What happened to the Red and Cyan Lumia 928?

Based on a leaked screenshot of Verizon’s inventory we know that Nokia was working on a black, white, red and cyan version of the Lumia 928.

At the release of the Lumia 928, it became obvious that Verizon would only launch a White and Black version of the Lumia 928, so what happened to the Red and Cyan Lumia 928?

Other colors expected to arrive at a later date

First of all, that the Lumia 928 was launched in black and white doesn’t mean that the other colors won’t arrive.

We have seen something similar happen with the Lumia 822, the red version of this phone wasn’t released on Verizon until 3 months after the original release.

In my opinion, a Verizon employee sums it up nicely on the wpcentral forums

I guess it is only time before we see the Red and Cyan versions arrive on Verizon. When will this be? When we find a release date for the Red/Cyan versions we will, of course, let you know on this website so stay tuned!


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